Fun Generation & Delou Africa’s Masqueradology:
An Innovative Band With a Mission!!!!!

KakilambeThe art and history of mask making. An interactive workshop and performance series for children and adults. This program will serve as a cultural and communal journey of transformation through geographical and cultural awareness for our diverse community to experience and enjoy. Designers, artists and historians will teach participants the art of authentic costume making focusing on mask traditions of Africa, the Caribbean and America depicted through folklore, dance, drum, steelpan, music and stilt walking. Participants will also learn the history and ethics of Caribbean Carnival and experience its festive nature through fantasy and storytelling. Participants will showcase and exhibit their creations, craft and talent at cultural, social and civic venues. Throughout the African Diaspora carnival masquerade is portrayed as a language of global and cultural expression. Masqueradology will implement projects to further explore and discover the evolution and journey of various mask forms.

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